Communicate Better

Share Information with Employees
Secure Documents

Secure access to important documents for HR managers and employees.

Email Distribution

Send emails to employees direct from the HR Management System to notify them about new documents to review, online enrollment, or your topic of choice.

History Retention

Secure two way communication between the broker's office and HR or between HR and employees. A history is saved for later review.

Reviews and Notices

Save employee documents to have employees review and acknowledge. Save employee specific documents such as annual reviews and disciplinary letters to an employee record.

Secure Communication

  • Two way secure communication between employee and HR or between HR and Broker's office
  • History of online conversations retained for record keeping
  • Provide an option for asking questions or making requests during off hours for employees working an alternate schedule
  • Attach documents for sharing files securely without the need for encrypted email
Employee Communication

Two Way Communication

Secure Document Library

Document Library

Secure Documents

  • Create a secure online document library for storing key HR documents
  • Restrict access to documents to just HR or give employees permission to view in the Employee Portal
  • Set viewing permissions to select subsets of employees
  • Drag and drop from your computer for easy document upload

Employee Specific Documents

  • Save employee specific documents to employee profile
  • Organize documents into categories to find easily
  • Drag and drop for quick document upload
  • Set viewing permissions on the document to share with employee and/or the employee's manager
  • Share copy of offer letters, disciplinary actions, or annual reviews with employee
  • Option to give departmental managers ability to post new employee documents directly to the employee's record